Study the Plan

We base our build upon a set of 25 plans we purchased from Dudley Dix. Because of the corona pandemic, it was not possible to send paper plans from the US to Germany and we had to print the plans at the local plotting service. As it should be, every aspect of the boat is usually just once in the plans. So it takes some time to understand how it all fits together. For example: is the distance between the bulkheads measured from the center or the surface of the bulkhead. The plans come together with a detailed description. Alongside the paper plans, step by step, we understand how the construction is working.

Make a model

We decided we are going to CNC mill the bulkheads. To get some digital file, that we can later pass on to the CNC service, we needed to dig in some CAD anyway. When we finished digitalizing the bulkheads, we thought, why not build a complete 3D model of the boat. Although this takes quite some time, we think it is worth it. A lot of details were now visible, that we did not saw so clear by just study the plans.

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